Clinique Bonus Time

Who Doesn't Love Free Clinique Products?

Ah, Clinique Bonus Time. I love these promotions. Basically, for a fairly small purchase (usually less than $25) you get free Clinique goodies!

Often you will receive some sort of travel or makeup bag filled with some travel and some full size items.

They may be seasonal (i.e. bronzer in the summer), a sampling of the newest color collections or customer favorites (like the skincare). In my opinion the gifts are fabulous and well worth the purchase.

So, How Do I Get My Free Clinique?

The good news is you can now purchase online! Otherwise, you'd have to visit a Clinique counter. They are only in upscale department stores if you aren't fortunate enough to have Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Saks, Sephora, Nordstrom, Dillards, etc. you would be out of luck. Hooray for the Internet!

clinique bonus time, free clinique

As soon as you find out Clinique Bonus Time is going on head over to your local counter or to and pick out your favorite products. They will have the purchase minimum posted in the store along with a display of the free products. As long as you purchase the minimum amount (and it can be any products; skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, etc.) you will receive your free gift. And if they don't have any in stock that day (because, let me tell you, they go fast), they'll put you on a list and give you a date to come pick it up or give you a call when more gifts come in.

Simple, huh?

And if you didn't get to the store in time to get a free gift you can always find one for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

When Is Clinique Bonus Time?

Usually these special promotions come around several times a year. I have never been able to pinpoint an exact time for them, but it seems to me they come about 4 times a year; once for each season. And you better believe I take advantage as often as I can.

Remember my aunt, who first got me started using this brand? Well, since she is now retired I send her orders of her favorite products and if I can get a free gift thrown in there I'm extra happy (as is she). I know she looks forward to getting new products to try and it costs me nothing!

Is It Bonus Time Now?

That's a good question. The easiest way is to visit Clinique directly.

Click Here To See If It's Clinique Bonus Time.

All you'll need to do is enter your zip code. Clinique will find locations near you, along with driving directions and any special events, promotions and even Bonus Time.

Enjoy all your wonderful free goodies from Clinique!

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